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Friday, July 13, 2018

Akshay Posted A Mysterious Tweet. Everyone Thinks He’s Drunk

Akshay Kumar is very active on social media and keeps entertaining his fans with logical tweets always.
Moreover, he has a unique style of announcing his upcoming movies and songs. Today, he posted a cryptic tweet on Twitter and left everyone wondering.
Well, the tweet was filled up with typos and this is what added to the confusion.
He read, “Excuse my typossss kyusjiii mujhkkkko…”
People on social media started wondering as to what has happened to Akshay. Some thought that he’s totally drunk.
Here are some comments of Twitter users as well as Gold co-stars;
What happened?
Salman Mat Bano!
Kya hua?
Something related to Gold!
Excuse my typossss kyusjiii mujhkkkko...
Its definitely related to gold... As gold stars are asking him

Kya hua tapan babu !!!
Yes, this was a promotional stunt related to Gold’s new song Chad Gayi hai. He shared an animation of that song and announced its release. Here’s the tweet;

Let us wait for this song; we are waiting to know who will feature in this. Can you guess anything?

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