Tweeps Loose Cool Seeing Priyanka Chopra Wrongly Holding Rudraksh Mala In Quantico -


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Friday, June 8, 2018

Tweeps Loose Cool Seeing Priyanka Chopra Wrongly Holding Rudraksh Mala In Quantico

Tweeps Loose Cool Seeing Priyanka Chopra Wrongly Holding Rudraksh Mala In Quantico
India being a conservative country, people here are quite sensitive about particular things. We have often seen audiences asking for a ban or removal of certain scenes which hurt the religious sentiments and particularly target on a caste.
Well, no one knew a Hollywood show starring Bollywood bombshell Priyanka Chopra will land in a deep trouble for hurting the religious sentiments.
The season 3 of Priyanka’s Quantico which aired its second episode has landed in a controversy and the Indian audiences are very unhappy with one of the scenes.
If @priyankachopra can hurt the sentiments of the Indians, the Hindus, for Quantico & foreign work, then it's fair to hurt her a bit by trending

"Indian Nationalists" blowing up Manhattan to frame Pak(which is the real terrorist country) is a joke.
Well, a tweet made by a Twitterati shows a particular scene where a man is wrongly holding a rudraksh mala which is considered sacred in our country. Tweeps lost their cool and they couldn’t take this as it has hurt the Indian sentiments being it holy.
Reply with to this tweet if you as a Hindu are hurt because ‘Rudraksh’ is being portrayed as a symbol of Hindutva by Priyanka Chopra & Quantico!
They have expressed their anger on the scene and also lashed out at Priyanka who is also a part of the show but did not object to this scene being an Indian and knowing the value of this.
Shame on Priyanka Chopra for letting ‘Rudraksh’ become a symbol of terrorism in Quantico’s new episode.

1. Dear Samsung, Immediately fire her as a brand ambassador of Harman or we in India

2. Dear @Ra_THORe ensure this episode does not get aired from now.
Some tweeps have also started with #boycottsamsung where they are requesting the brand to remove the actress as the brand ambassador.
This is the scene from Quantico where the terrorist is being shown with ‘Rudraksha’ & Priyanka Chopra had no objections with it. Now let’s nation-wide until the remove her from brand ambassador post.
Well, it seems the matter has become quite serious and a lot has been being talked on the Twitter and has become a hot topic of discussion.
Well, let’s wait and watch what Priyanka Chopra will have to say about this whole controversy. Will she intervene or ignore the trolls? Only time will tell.
On the professional front, after showing her jalwa in West, Priyanka will be back with a bang in Bollywood opposite Salman Khan in Bharat. It is the most anticipated movies of 2019 and also has a huge star cast. The movie is being helmed by Sultan fame Ali Abbas Zafar.

So folks, what are your views on this matter? Tell us in comments.

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