Priya Prakash’s Brand New Wink Video Is Here. She’s Too Cute -


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Monday, June 18, 2018

Priya Prakash’s Brand New Wink Video Is Here. She’s Too Cute

Priya Prakash had become a viral sensation on the internet due to her wink. That one wink of Priya had melted millions of sakht laundas.
Well, it was a school video which highlighted the 90s romance between the sweet couple perfectly. Priya Prakash’s video was widely circulated on social media and many guys became a fan of her.
After that, many videos started trending on social media, but that one was simply the best. Currently, Priya and Roshan are busy with the promotions of their film “Oru Adaar Love”and for that, they are attending various events.
More than the event, people are interested in Priya’s cuteness and her style. One more video from an event has surfaced on the internet and it is once again winning hearts.
Priya and Roshan recreated that wink scene & captured love of the viewers. The “Andaaz” is similar & Priya made us fall in love with her again.
Watch the video and you’ll surely be impressed…

Click here to watch the video directly on Instagram.
So guys, didn’t your memories get refreshed? We hope you loved this video too.

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