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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How to use macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode on Windows 10

macos, macos dark mode, macos mojaveThe Dark Mode is currently available only on macOS Mojave
Apple brought a significant upgrade to the ecosystem for its computers with the announcement of the sequel to the macOS 10.13 called the macOS Mojave. The macOS Mojave is named after the Mojave Desert in North America, bringing a long-awaited feature onboard. Apple introduced Dark Mode with macOS Mojave, which changes the entire interface of Macs by blinding whites from the screen. Not only is the screen light dimmed but the apps, wallpapers, and other settings are also changed to please the eyes while working during evenings or nighttime.
The Dark Mode is currently available only on macOS Mojave, so if you are running an older version, such as macOS High Sierra, you won’t find the feature. The macOS Mojave is currently available in the beta version, so if you are comfortable installing the developer and beta versions on your Mac, you can switch to Dark Mode by visiting System Preferences, followed by a click on General setting, and finally a click on Appearance. You will find the Dark Mode there, which you can activate permanently or schedule it automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.
Interestingly, macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode can also be found on Windows 10. The users who do not use an Apple computer (MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro) but possess a Windows 10 PC can also enjoy the subtlety of dark environment on their devices. Long before Apple announced the Dark Mode, Windows 10 has been offering the Dark Mode to its users since its Anniversary Update released a few years ago.
The Dark Mode on Windows 10 changes the colour theme to dark, including that of the apps and settings. However, there is a big turndown with the Dark Mode on Windows 10. The File Explorer does not support it in the stable build, however, the Insider Preview build of the latest Windows 10 supports it. Here’s how you can enable Dark Mode on your Windows 10 PC:
  • Go to the PC Settings by clicking on cogwheel icon in the Start menu or by using the shortcut Windows+I
  • Click on Personalisation, followed by a click on Colors in the left sidebar
  • Scroll down to find ‘Choose your default app mode’
  • Select Dark here, and the dark theme will be applied across Windows 10 apps and settings, except the File Explorer.
While the dark theme across the Windows 10 platform makes the white-coloured text stand out, the lack of support in the File Explorer is a dealbreaker. If you are one of the early Insider Preview testers, you can enjoy that too but those without its knowledge will have to wait until Microsoft announces Dark Mode for File Explorers in the stable version.

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