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Friday, April 13, 2018

Romantic riddle: UK man proposes girlfriend with a special crossword puzzle

unique proposal, crossword proposal, unique marriage proposal, unusual marriage proposal, man crossword proposal, man propose using crossword puzzle, viral news, indian expressThe man spent three months to plan the unusual marriage proposal for his girlfriend. (Source: YouTube)
Of late, we have seen many unusual proposals. From bizarre ones like a man proposing to his girlfriend right before getting arrested to a man popping the question in the House of Commons. Not to forget the sweet proposal at the screening of Black Panther. Now, giving #proposalgoals yet again, a man in Norwich, UK, proposed his girlfriend in an adorable way using a crossword! Wondering how he pulled off the stunt? Well, with a little help from the local newspaper, he sent in clues for his special one as they love solving crossword puzzles together.
According to reports, Edward Fraser spent three months planning this special proposal to his girlfriend, Rachael Herman. The 30-year-old man reached out to Eastern Daily Press to design clues all based on facts about their relationship. From Herman’s love for Harry Potter to where they had their spent their vacation together in Fiji — the crosswords had all important moments and things they loved.
And to finally pop the question, one of the clues was: “The Black Prince begins untangling odes and seeks her final response to 27 across”. This had the answer: ‘Edward does ask R.’ and the hint for the 27 across was: “It’s a question of love.” And the answer hinting four words with 4,3,5,2 set words Herman guessed it correctly as “Will you marry me?”
To which the lady answered “yes”.
“It was quite hard initially as I was trying to think of really cool clues. But I started off with a grid in excel and I was sticking in letters and black squares to make the crossword. I had the random answers ready and just started to backwards to make the clues,” Metro quoted Fraser.

Adding that his finance had a lot of practice solving such puzzles every year and managed to answer it easily, he said that she did not suspect that it was especially meant for her. “I had no idea it was coming it was such a lovely surprise,” she said.
“To be honest I got a couple of clues and doing the dividing lines I had solved it in my head. I thought in my head does that mean ‘will you marry me’? And then the heart was pounding because I thought ‘was this for me?’ But I didn’t say anything because I just wanted to be sure,” she said.
Finally, the couple got engaged and are set to tie the knot later this year.

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