Meet the 9 rarely seen gorgeous wives of Bollywood actors -


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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Meet the 9 rarely seen gorgeous wives of Bollywood actors

Being a star is not an easy task, they are constantly surrounded by the paparazzi and the media. And assuming that a Bollywood star can have a private life is the biggest myth. It is not just the star but even their family members too, who come into the limelight, from their mother to wife to their kids, none of the media portals misses a chance to cover them. However, there are some actors and celebs who have managed to keep their wife away from the limelight.
Or possibly their wives want to live a private life. Whatever the reason is, we always wonder how the life partner of our favourite actor or celeb looks like. Since they rarely appear in front of the camera. 
So here is the list of hidden wives of Bollywood actors
1. Emraan Hashmi wife Parveen Shahani
2. Tanya Deol, Bobby Deol’s wife
3. Zayed Khan with wife Malika
4. Sohail Khan wife Seema Sachdev Khan
5. Sharman Joshi wife Prerana 
6. R Madhavan wife Sarita
7. Nawazuddin Siddiqui wife Anjali
8. Irrfan Khan wife Sutapa Sikdar
9. Honey Singh Wife Shalini Singh

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