Is this girl responsible for ruining Kapil Sharma’s career? -


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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Is this girl responsible for ruining Kapil Sharma’s career?

Kapil Sharma, the person who once made everyone laugh, seems to be facing the worst days of life. It felt like ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’ will prove to be a boon for Kapil, but the show received a lot of flak after the first episode itself.
Later, when Kapil didn’t show up for the shoot with actress Rani Mukherjee, things went quite obvious that something is wrong with the actor. After his irregularity, Sony TV warned Kapil Sharma to be on the shoot on time or terminate the contract.
Kapil’s life seems to have gone off track ever since his spat with Sunil Grover made headlines. But one of his close friends is blaming a girl behind Kapil’s sinking career. There are reports making rounds on the internet where a friend of Kapil is quoted saying , “When he (Kapil) didn’t turn up for the shoot we tried calling him frantically. His phones were off. Finally, we got through on his girlfriend Ginni’s number to ask kya hua? His reply, ‘Kuch bhi nahin. Jee nahin karta hai.’ And that’s it.”
He further added “He can’t get her out of his mind, although she’s very harmful to his life and career. We’ve even told him to get her back in his life if that pulls him out of his depression. We just want him to get well again at any cost.”
Whether the friend is talking about Ginni or some other girl is yet to be cleared. Last year, Kapil made his relationship with long-term girlfriend Ginni official by posting it on Twitter. Kapil and Ginni are reported to be dating each other since 2011. But a couple of months back, reports of their break up were also making rounds.
Well, we just hope to see the old Kapil Sharma back, with some great new content.
Till then, you can have a look at this video to get away from the Monday blues. 

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