Shocking! A UP-based man loses his wife and kids in gambling -


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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Shocking! A UP-based man loses his wife and kids in gambling

Shocking! A UP-based man loses his wife and kids in gambling
You must be wondering as to how a man could put his wife and kids on a stake while gambling. Such incidents have been encountered in past and the latest one happened in Uttar Pradesh.
A man named Mohsin lost his wife and two sons in a gambling game. A resident of Bullandshahar, UP, Mohsin lost the game to a person named Imran, who then forced Mohsin’s wife to come along with him. The incident took place in 2015.
However, Mohsin’s wife took the case to the village Panchayat, where the matter was to be discussed. It is extremely shocking and disturbing when the panchayat concluded that one of the sons has to be given to the winner. And they did.
The wife divorced Mohsin in 2015 after the incident and then married again to another man. But, since then she has been moving from one official body to the other to register a case against her ex-husband. The result that she got was one.
After three complete years, the case is successfully registered in CJM (Chief Judicial Magistrate) Court. It was shocking that earlier, no official body took action against the matter and against the panchayat, who gave an unjust decision.
Now that the court is acting on the case, a complaint has been filed against all the five accused including her ex-husband, the winner and the Panchayat members. A special investigating team has also been set to find the husband, who has been absconding after the complaint.

Unfortunately, many such cases have been witnessed and recorded in the past where the men, who gamble, are unkind to their family members. There has to be a serious action taken on this matter.

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