Another Interview Of Shami’s Wife Is Out. She Talks About His GF Alisbah -


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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Another Interview Of Shami’s Wife Is Out. She Talks About His GF Alisbah

Mohammad Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan seems to be too pissed off with him. She accused him of having multiple extramarital affairs; Hasin also said that he has done many dirty things with them.

We shared the screenshots of his chats which she had leaked online and it definitely made us feel miserable. We all thought that Shami has a happy family & never even thought in the wildest of dream that something of this sort would happen.
Apart from his affairs, Hasin Jahan also talked about how she is physically and mentally tortured by her husband and in-laws. Guess she has already lodged an official police complaint.
Couple of hours back, we shared ABP’s exclusive interview with you all. Now, we are back with yet another interview of his wife. In this video, she’s talking about how Shami has tortured her to the core.
We can see many printouts of his WhatsApp chats. Hasin said she will consult her lawyer and decide the further step. His wife said that she just leaked 10 percent of his chats.
In the interview, she talked about Alisbah, a girl from Pakistan, with whom Shami had sex in a Dubai’s adult room.

Here’s the entire video;
Click here to watch the video directly on Facebook.
Well, this matter is getting highly controversial, don’t you think so?

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