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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

7 Out Of The World Roles Played By These Gorgeous Actresses!

The society we live in is pretty male-dominated. Even in the movie Industry, compared to actors taking on drag roles, female actors get lesser chance to do this. And that is why they find rare mentions in the world of drag in cinema. Cross-dressing is usually done by males. They walk, talk and dress up like women. 
It is extremely fascinating to see that some B’Town actresses have also played roles that did not require them to apply loads of makeup and wear glittery dresses.


Well, who can forget Sridevi’s Chaplin act for Mr. India. She has played a role of a funny man- Chaplin and is seen going to a casino to earn some quick money. It’s one of the most funny movies we have ever seen and she looks adorable in this look.  


In this movie, Rani has two roles. One of a regular Punjabi Girl and the other of a Cute Sardar Boy. She dons this look so that Shahid takes her into his Cricket team. It is a quirky movie which gives out a very sweet and subtle message of “Gender Equality”. 


Vidya Balan is a very talented actress. She plays a role of a  private detective in the film; hence the name “Jasoos”! And, she donned not one, but 3-4 male disguises in the film, from a taxi drive to a bikhari. She cpmpletely nails all the looks and plays it so naturally. 


 It is a beautiful movie that tells the story of a girl (Alia Bhatt) who develops Stockholm syndrome after being kidnapped. Upon release the film met with positive reviews, with Alia Bhatt’s performance being praised by both audiences and critics alike.

                                                   -KONKANA SEN SHARMA IN PAGE 3   

Konkana, plays a role of a young journalist who falls in love with a gay. All the bitter truths about the Movie Industry are spilled here. It is a must watch for everyone who wishes to become a part of this.


Priyanka Chopra reinvented herself in Barfi. Before Barfi, we knew her as a good-looking actress who can act, but after Barfi we were sure that she is a pool of talent. She plays a role of an acoustic girl who is abandoned by her rich parents. 
                                          -ALIA BHATT IN UDTA PUNJAB

Alia Bhatt has come a long way since her debut in Student Of The Year in 2012. In Udta Punjab, she played a Bihari migrant Bauria. Her dream to national level hockey for the country is shattered. Alia plays a strong girl who manages to escape from the gang of drug peddlers but not before she was physically and mentally assaulted by several men. Alia’s strong performance won applauds all over the country and she was awarded Filmfare best actress award.

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