This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakhs Per Hour & That Too Without Any Job -


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Saturday, February 24, 2018

This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakhs Per Hour & That Too Without Any Job

Hard work was the key to success earlier but now smart work is the real deal. In last 10 years, the methods of money making have totally transformed. Go back in early 2000’s, who had thought that people will be able to earn directly through YouTube & Facebook? Now at least 1 of your friend is playing with money in the online world. Right?

This girl from Australia named Chelsea has beaten everyone in money making. You won’t believe but she’s earning upto 8 lakhs per hour just by playing games online. Yes! you read that right.
Chelsea is a graduate in Pharmacy but she had deep interest in computers. She knew that she’ll work and earn through computers and that’s how she entered the world of online gaming and made it possible to earn money through it.
How exactly she makes money through gaming?

Chelsea tells that she earns money through subscriptions, advertisements and sponsors. People watch her playing game through live streaming and she gets paid for it.
Talking with the Sun she said –
“They [viewers] enjoy watching you, your personality, how you interact with them. It’s more hanging out with them rather than watching you play.”
Chelsea is also quite popular on Instagram and is no less than a celebrity. She is close to achieve 47 million followers on Instagram.
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