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Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Twitter User Complained About Amazon Delivery. Their Convo Will Crack You Up With Laughter

Although most of the big companies have their own customer support department, there are always complaints regarding the ignorant attitude of customer care executives. Social Media in these times have proved to be a big platform for people to bring out their problems publicly.

Putting up the issues online is a widely used method now and there are many reasons for it. It is much faster and almost guarantees the solution to your problem because the reputation of company is always at stake.
A Twitter user named Danish Malik recently took to the microblogging site to complain about Amazon regarding a wrong delivery The user had ordered a bottle of Kissan jam but he received a tampered form of it. As per him, the bottle was half consumed and the bar code was also scribbled. Here’s what he tweeted-
This Kissan Jam is so yuMmy that the team @amazonIN ate half of it before getting it delivered to me today from its own #Amazon Pantry.
However, I DON’T BELIEVE IN SHARING IS CARING!! Please re-send the new *seal* packed or refund…

Bar-code is also scribbled :>
You can also check the pictures below-




He soon got the reply from Amazon Help. It read as-
I’m sorry about the condition in which the item has arrived. We’d like to look into this and help you, please connect with us here: http://www.amazon.in/contact-us and we’ll assist you accordingly. ^MO
The public conversation was supposed to end here but it just got more interesting. The user was in no mood to end the convo so he replied in a teasing way again-
Its sounds like: Im sorry, chal kone mein aa baat karke sort kartey hai !! 😂✋
Amazon Help again replied in a humble way. They tweeted-
You’ve got a good sense of humor. However, we never meant that. We’d like to help you with this. Please reach out to us using the link provided earlier and we’ll get this sorted. ^GD
However, the man was in mood of having fun with them. He continued-
Lol Thanks .. I will do that !!
Btw I always gets confuse to choose between Strawberry Blast & Berry Blast ..
Whats your favorite now when you have already tasted from my Jam Bottle?
#AmazonIndia #Amazon
Now that the guy was not stopping, Amazon joined along and gave a witty reply. They tweeted-
That’s a tough choice. When in doubt, we get both of them. Because two is better than one. ^ZR
But Danish had really aced the art of comebacks. He continued and tweeted-
Totally Agreed !! But, you guys really having a good life. After all you can get easily whatever and whenever you want !! From your own warehouse or even from the customers order ..😅🤓
#AmazonJamCrisis #AmazonIndia
Amazon tried to end all on a humble note. They tweeted-
All orders are closed scanned for a quality check before dispatching. We apologize for the miss from our end. Henceforth, we’ll make sure this won’t happen again. Appreciate your understanding. ^JS
And this how it ended-
Aargh !! That’s Ok. Just write it down 10 times and end it here.. But make sure you don’t waste paper !! 😛
What are your thoughts on it? Wasn’t that a really interesting convo?

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