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Sunday, February 25, 2018

10 Common Misconceptions About Pakistan That The World Needs To Clear

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan doesn’t have a very good reputation across the globe. However, today we are going to clear some misconceptions that the world has about this country:

1. Pakistan is in Middle-East:

Representational Image Source
This is absolutely wrong! Pakistan is in South-Asia and is a part of Indian sub-continent.

2. Pakistanis are uneducated:

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Even though education is still not available to a large number of Pakistanis, a considerable population here is educated and some have brought laurels to the country at the International level.

3. Camels and donkeys are the means of transport:

Representational Image Source
This is not completely true! You may get to see bullock carts in some parts of Pakistan but a good part of the country has modern day transportation mediums.

4. Undeveloped cities:

Representational Image Source
Undoubtedly, a lot remains to be done in Pakistan when it comes to development but the situation is not so grim as shown by the western media and their serials.

5. All women wear burqa:

Representational Image Source
Well, you may get to see a number of women in burqa but it doesn’t mean that it is compulsory for every woman to wear burqa here. In fact, you will also find women who are not dressed-up in burqa.

6. Pakistanis speak Arabic:

Representational Image Source
No, Pakistanis speak Urdu and you might be surprised to know that around 49% population can speak intermediate or higher level of English.

7. Pakistani men wear turban and traditional dresses only:

Well, Pakistanis are fashionable and keep up with the latest trends and not to forget to mention that their dressing sense and style are also influenced by the Bollywood movies that they watch.

8. Pakistanis don’t party:

Representational Image Source
It is not true! Pakistanis also like to enjoy their life and party a lot.

9. All Pakistanis are terrorists:

Representational Image Source
It is true that several Pakistanis are involved in terrorism but calling all Pakistanis terrorists won’t be right. The majority of Pakistani public wants to lead a peaceful life but they are bearing the brunt of terrorism due to their orthodox and fanatical leaders.

10. Women are oppressed in Pakistan:

Representational Image Source
Yes, a lot needs to be done when it comes to improving the condition of women in Pakistan but it is not that bad as it has been portrayed by the western media.
We hope that your misconceptions about Pakistan must have been cleared now!
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