Video: Sachin Tendulkar highlights importance of women's sport on Facebook after being disrupted in Rajya Sabha -


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Video: Sachin Tendulkar highlights importance of women's sport on Facebook after being disrupted in Rajya Sabha

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin TendulkarOn Thursday, Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was set to deliver a speech at the Rajya Sabha for the first time. In his speech on "Unhealthy India is a recipe for disaster”, Sachin is seen talking about the importance of sports and fitness in India. His speech in Rajya Sabha, however, was interrupted due to chatter amongst fellow politicians.
In a video uploaded on Facebook today, Sachin went on to complete his speech emphasising on the importance of staying fit and its relation to sports. Sachin went on to say, "It is my endeavour to transform India from being a sport-loving nation to a sport playing nation. I urge you all to participate in this effort and help make my dream, our dream. Always remember, dreams do come true.”
Tendulkar also added, “There were some things yesterday that I wanted to communicate to you. I will try doing that here. I often wonder what brought me here, little did I realise that those baby steps in cricket would lead me to great lifetime memories. I always loved playing sport and cricket was my life. My father, Prof Ramesh Tendulkar, was a poet and a writer. He always supported me and encouraged me to do what I wanted in life. The greatest gift I got from him was the freedom to play, the right to play and I will always be grateful for that.”
Sachin exclaimed that there is a need to develop a sporting environment in India. He said that a young, unfit and unhealthy India is a recipe for disaster.

Ending his speech, Sachin went on to praise women athletes and commended PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Sakshi Malik and Mitali Raj for their success over the year. He emphasised the fact that India is capable of producing champion women athletes.
Finally focusing on India's medal hopes at Olympics and other major games, Sachin said, “Before the Olympics, or any major sporting event, our expectations go sky-rocketing. Along with earlier identification of talent, we must also have a dedicated squad guiding our athletes’ preparation. And winning medals should become their target as well.”

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