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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ultimate Revenge By A Girl On Cheating Boyfriend And Guy Is Totally Helpless

You call yourself smart by doing those odd things that didn’t come to your partner notice. Well, my friends first learn that cheating on partner doesn’t prove how smart you are. The advanced technology in hands has given the way to extra-marital affairs, early relationship fall-downs and ditching partner with no real reason. Nobody gives the damn hell to save the relationship but who knows that making a woman angry can be an invitation to hell. Read the full story of this guy who will think 100 times now before cheating or I must say dating any girl…

What's Inside It?

Before reading any further, it would be great if you read the story alone and not with your partner. This story just happens to be about a very foolish boy who cheated on his girlfriend – who in turn got the ultimate revenge on him. It’s hard to identify if people are cheating more nowadays or if modern technology has just made it so much easier for people to be caught out. But there is a saying, that no bad deed goes unpunished; same goes with this story too.

What The Hell!

His girlfriend, Twitter user decided to get the ultimate revenge and hit him where she knew it would hurt the most. She gathered her cheating boyfriend’s beloved Apple devices and, without a second thought, drowned them in a bathtub full of water. 
She didn’t stop here and then she took a snap of her handy-work and posted it on Twitter, where she has racked up 27,000 retweets and 20,000 shares. 
As you can clearly see in this photo, more than ten devices were destroyed. She also managed to rack up some great replies on Twitter. The moral of this story is not to underestimate the words and actions of women, it can cost you hard.

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