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Friday, April 7, 2017

Rising Pune SuperGiant Team Owner Insults MS Dhoni On Twitter And Twitterati Bashed Him Like Never Before

Just before the start of IPL 2017, Rising Pune Supergiants decision to replace MS Dhoni with Steve Smith as captain of the team sent shockwaves across the cricketing universe. The whole cricketing fraternity was left stunned hearing the news of MS Dhoni being replaced by Steve Smith as the captain of Rising Pune Supergiants.
However, the Captain Cool accepted it with a great heart of being legend cricket player and supported the team playing as a common player in the ongoing IPL season. But what came a blot was something which the cricket fans will never forgive the words of the Rising Pune team owner.

Yes, Harsh Goenka, the Rising Pune SuperGiant team owner insulted MS Dhoni on Twitter after yesterday’s match.

Recently, the Super Giant won the match against Mumbai Indians courtesy Steve Smith’s wonderful knock of 84 off 54 balls.
Goenka tweeted this shortly after the game ended and later deleted it as it was talked about by fans immediately.

Here’s his tweet:

Dhoni was clearly insulted after Goenka talked about Smith “overshadowing” MS Dhoni and about who is the “king of the jungle”.

Before the tournament, Goenka said,w

Yes we have opted for Steve Smith as captain of RPS for the forthcoming IPL season. I have been thinking about this decision since the end of the last season and discussing it with my management team. And our thought is to have a younger captain at the helm of the team this year. We have a very good mix of youth and experience in the team and feel we need a young mind and a young captain with different ideas to spearhead Rising Pune Supergiants.

It was obviously wrong on his part as he praised a player of his own team and insulted the other.

As soon as this tweet came, twitter erupted with lots of negativity on the Rising Pune SuperGiant team owner Goenka. Some even bashed him left and right for his meaningless and worst words.

Here are the Twitter reactions that followed:

Piece of shit @hvgoenka, that's RIDICULOUS to say the least, how can you mock your own team player? 
@hvgoenka In your dreams... No batsman can overshadow Dhoni. Take him out your team and see the fan count.. maybe you will get to know the reality
Don't know about king of the jungle but you are seriously donkey of it. https://twitter.com/hvgoenka/status/850047751979139072 
Good @hvgoenka for deleting this 'great move' tweet, but keep this ss with you for the next year when Dhoni will lead CSK again. pic.twitter.com/ZrIOkC3HdB

View image on Twitter
@hvgoenka R u out of sense? Leave cricket how did u even become a businessman with that Brain?Whats d need 4 this crap when its goin smooth?
Dear @hvgoenka if we support  it's not because U or  it's coz one n only   is not just a name it's emotion 4 us
Great way to build team comradery buddy!!way to go!! & you're a businessman? @hvgoenka   pic.twitter.com/bzuY5aGCiy
@sapnabhavnani @msdfansofficial @hvgoenka @RPSupergiants Yes Smith is the king of jungle where @hvgoenka lives..
Mahi is the king of India where he is loved by millions
Crowd b4 smith hit a six :
dhoni dhoni dhoni
Crowd aftr smith hit a six :
dhoni dhoni dhoni..
Looks like @hvgoenka Doesn't like this.

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