Perfect Newborn Babies Being Declared Dead & Other Horrifying Details of Infant Trafficking -


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Friday, April 14, 2017

Perfect Newborn Babies Being Declared Dead & Other Horrifying Details of Infant Trafficking

The criminal mind is horrifyingly fertile; constantly thinking up new and ever more awful ways to exploit and harm others while enriching itself. While many of the details of the illegal organ trade  are now known to us, human trafficking remains a shadowy, blurry morass of horror stories and continues to plunge innocent lives into a spiral of unspeakable dreadfulness and endless misery for mere venal, financial gain. According to reports, new borns are now being snatched from their mothers and being trafficked!
Infant traffickers
This is a new scheme criminals have come up with in cahoots with unscrupulous doctors. The doctors falsely declare a new born baby as dead or still born. This baby is then ‘sold’ to childless couples in India and abroad. New parents should therefore be very vigilant and ask a doctor to produce a death certificate and dead body if such a claim is made by hospital officials.
Nursing home owner has been arrested
There is an ongoing probe into the baby trafficking and the CID has arrested a number of people including the owner of the nursing home that “arranged” for babies to be trafficked. So far, three babies have been recovered from a gang and one baby has been reunited with the biological mother.
Forced conceptions among minors is also a reality
Infant traffickers who create a supply chain for illegal adoptions also kidnap tribal girls and force them to act as surrogates. Last year there were reports of minor girls from Gumla and Lohardaga districts of Jharkhand forced repeatedly into surrogacy while being paid a pittance or nothing at all. Their bodies literally being used as a baby making machine.
Baby trafficking has a pattern
The gang members would approach pregnant women, couples who already have daughters. After an ultrasound, the couple would be told that the foetus was yet another girl. The parents would be convinced to carry the pregnancy to term; after delivery they would be informed that the baby had died. The baby would then be sold.
Boys fetch higher prices than girls
As with everything else, our Indian gender bias and obsession with fair skin can be seen here as well. Male infants would fetch Rs 2 lakh or more. Female babies would fetch between s 80,000 and one lakh if dark complexioned and up to Rs 1.5 lakhs if fair skinned.
Infant trafficking racket busted in Jalandhar as well
Two doctors of a sperm bank in Jalandhar and four others have been arrested for trying to sell a four month old baby for Rs 5 lakh. This was uncovered as a result of a sting operation.
How do these people live with themselves? Or are they so soul less that they get a good nights sleep despite the grief they cause to so many people?

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