Indians are so aggrieved with Snapchat boss that they're deleting the app -


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Indians are so aggrieved with Snapchat boss that they're deleting the app

Indians are an easily-outraged lot. Months after e-commerce giant Amazon came under fire for selling doormats with an imprint of the tricolour, it is instant image messaging app Snapchat, the darling of millennials, that now faces the ire.
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel is the latest to have caused a furore on the Indian internet. After an ex-employee alleged that Spiegel had, in 2015, said that he wasn't interested in expanding his company's user base "to poor countries like India and Spain", many Indians took to social media to bash the young billionaire and his company left, right and centre.
Many have unistalled the app, while others continue to give it bad ratings and reviews. So much so that the app's rating took a massive hit on Google Play Store.
NASA releases pic of Indians using Snapchat for the last time last night before they uninstall it. See this Mr CEO!!
At the rate at which Snapchat CEO is being slapped by us Indians, he will have to change the app's name to Slapchat  
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India has turned savage.@Snapchat got a single star on App Store. Just read the reviews. Lol This is epic 

Boss: Do you know Snapchat

Me: Yes sir

Boss: How many filters do you used @ snapchat

Even as the SNAP - Snapchat's parent company - rubbished the ex-employee's claim, the nation (on social media) was in no mood to relent, evident from #BoycottSnapchat — one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter.
All this for the nation, of course:
Dear "Rich" @Snapchat ,Goodbye from my "Poor" mobile.I love my country more than this app 
Bharat Mata Ki Jai
How wonderful would it be if we can keep India's pride when it comes to things that are going wrong inside the country. 
In case you thought only Indians were offended:
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While we Indians are only outraging online over Snapchat CEO's comments, Spain has lost it completely
In this fiasco, online shopping site Snapdeal, unfortunately, came under attack from offended Indians. Many started giving Snapdeal bad reviews and downgrading it. What's in a name, you ask?
Snapdeal and Snapchat are stepsisters ..2012 mein hi kyon tabaah nahi hui duniya 😟😫
Snapdeal waalo ki fir fat gayi.. bhakton koi difference nahi pata unka aur Snapchat ka 😸😸
Bhakts are so stupid they are downgrading and uninstalling snapdeal instead of snapchat  😂😂😂😂

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