In A Shocking Incident Man Publicly Beats Up Wife In Front Of Their Daughter For Cheating On Him. -


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Thursday, April 6, 2017

In A Shocking Incident Man Publicly Beats Up Wife In Front Of Their Daughter For Cheating On Him.

Cheating on one’s spouse has never been the answer to a troubled marriage. Once the seeds of distrust are sown, it is very difficult to find balance again. The effects of cheating can change a person’s perspective on life forever or can change the person himself. It can wreak homes and bring the worst out of someone. No logic or solution can calm a person who gets to know of his wife’s transgressions. You never know how the person may react. The cheated spouse might alienate himself from everyone or might become extremely violent. Sometimes things can go too far, as well.  A shocking incident of a man beating his wife publicly, in front of their daughter took place in the Chinese city of Chengdu. The entire mishap was captured in a mobile footage.

Man Beat Up His Wife On The Streets After Confronting His Wife For Cheating

According to local reports the man beat up his wife on the streets after confronting his wife for cheating on him, when she came out for a walk with her daughter.
The mobile footage shows the man shouting, slapping and throwing his wife on the ground as passersby gather to watch the commotion beside a busy road.

Crowd Tries To Stop The Husband From Going “Overboard”

The gathered crowd tries to stop the husband from going “overboard” but to no avail.
A woman is asked to mind her own business when she asked the man not to beat his wife up in front of their scared daughter.
At one point, the hurt wife tries to flee from her husband only to be thrown hard on the ground to the horror of their child standing few feet away.

The Wife Tries To Escape Again

On seeing her husband argue with the crowd, the wife tries to escape again but is thrown to the ground a second time and dragged by her hair. The video ends up with passersby trying to stop the man. There are no local reports of any police intervention or what happens to the women and her child.

Getting Cheated On Is A Very Painful Experience

It‘s a shame that the daughter had to witness all this. While we do not support cheating in any way, beating up savagely is not the solution. Getting cheated on is a very painful experience. Getting violent will only add to that pain. It’s best if the aggrieved person lets his anger subside before taking any action. Decisions in haste only make matter worse.

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