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Thursday, April 6, 2017

7 Female Who Failed Real Bad And Will Have a Hard Time Living With It!

These athletes train themselves for years and make their body fit to perform their best in at their concerned sports. But there are possibilities that do some mistakes while performing. Those mistakes can be shameful for them but can be fun for the spectators to watch. Women athletes are no exception. Sometimes they fail so bad and face the worst type of embarrassment.
Check out these female athletes who failed real bad and had difficult time dealing with it. 

She must be hurt

This Olympic jumper gave a close look for her back to the audience while performing. Just hope she is not hurt and at least not embarrassed after seeing this picture.

She needs to learn some bladder control techniques

She peed in her pants while lifting at weight and the mats were all wet! She really needs to learn how to control it while on stage.

Oops! Now that’s what we call a real nip slip.

It doesn’t look like this skater has any idea of what’s happening though. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be smiling as widely as she is doing right now!

Not a correct choice of partner!

I’m wondering if he was completely unprepared for the move, or had he never seen the inside of lady’s legs before. No matter what the reason, the guy really should have learned about the importance of keeping face before performing in front of millions of crowd. This way, he could avoid looking completely horrified while attempting to entertain people. Need to train hard!

Oops! There goes her underwear.

It is really awkward when you don’t wear underpants under your jersey. This is kind of right to be exposed when not wearing that important part of your clothing.

Swimmers sometime have fun too!

They choose some hot bikinis when they are frolicking on the beach. She didn’t think of her tan lines when she spent time at the beach. The audience knew she spent a lot of time outside at pool also.

Bad timing and coordination with the ball!

It is an embarrassing situation when you have a bad coordination with the ball, either you turn your red because of embarrassment or because of the impact of the ball. Anyway, amazing picture clicked by the photographer!

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